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Customer's Voice

Asahi Kasei Corp.

Industry Sector Chemicals
Area Nobeoka City, Japan
Selected Products or Services Oldershaw Distilling Column – Evaporator Unit
Purpose examine the condition of recovery operation
Use Analysis of distillate sample (pH, etc.)

Customer feedback

What did you worry about at first?

The abnormity of distillate sample composition (pH etc. / some change will happen over time)

How did you find us?

We got to know AG! through the internet by chance, and we also heard that there were suitable glass units which were produced in Kyushu. Therefore we got in touch with AG!’s CEO immediately.

Was there any particular concern that you had before making a final decision to buy an AG! product?

We conducted a test at AG! in advance, and we confirmed that the units worked well, so there was no hesitation.

How did you solve your hesitation?

No hesitation at all, and thanks to the effective automatic reflux divider, no changes occurred in the distillate sample over time.

What key factor helped you decide to hire and use AG! equipment ?

We couldn’t proceed with our research without glass units.

Any comment on the AG! product, after actual user experience ?

Despite taking up some assembly time at our worksite, we had no problem with use! What is even more impressive is the chairman of AG! visited us in person.

Why did you choose Glass?

1. It is possible to observe the internal distillation by sight, and we can use this to show our new employees what happens inside the apparatus as part of our corporate training.

2. It helped us realize several major lucrative projects.

Chief Examiner
Mr. Ichimiya