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Chemicals Manufacturer M

Industry Sector Chemicals
Area Japan
Selected Products or Services Thin Film Purification Unit
Purpose Small scale cost effectiveness

Product Detail

Customer feedback

What did you worry about at first?

Could high viscosity liquid be even more purified?

How did you find us?

AG!’s salesperson showed us a pamphlet immediately after our original discussion.

Was there any particular concern that you had before making a final decision to buy an AG! product?

Specifications and Cost. In addition, there was no actual performance precedent, so we had no idea whether desired purification could be successful without actual operation. That was a risk for us.

How did you solve your hesitation?

After discussing the conditions required for purification at laboratory scale, we developed a scale-up design together.
* The test at laboratory scale was necessary.

What key factor made you to decide to hire and use AG! equipment ?

AG!’s plant was close to our manufacturer, and the total cost included transportation costs, which saved expense. Also, AG!’s salespeople and technicians, who could operate the devices, would deal with everything immediately whenever any trouble occurred.

Any comment on the AG! product, after actual user experience ?

After the actual operation, the problem we found was that the heat preservation of the device was not adequate for our purpose. Therefore, we added a heater and some other accessory equipment.

As we improved the device and engineering, purification levels could meet the demand of our current specifications.

We feel we should pay special attention to avoid any accidents. If an accident occurred, our production would be seriously delayed.