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Industry Sector Pharmaceuticals
Area Seoul, Korea
Selected Products or Services Double Wall Reaction Unit
Materials Borosilicate glass
Purpose Research and development of therapeutic agents for digestive system diseases
Use Synthesis of proton pump inhibitors

Product Detail

Customer feedback

What did you worry about at first?

Although we had performed studies at only laboratory scale for a long time, when a new research institute was established in 2009, we expanded the scale of our equipment in order to do scale-up research which could cover from laboratory scale to plant scale.

At first we considered introducing the glass-lined reaction vessel for scale-up research. However, our researchers insisted that the reaction vessel used for specific APIs should be high corrosion-resisting and high visibility, so we had to give up the glass-lined reaction vessel, and started to look for another reaction vessel made from different materials.

How did you find us?

We met with Marketing Technology Trading Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as MarkTech, AG! ’s distributer in Korea), and discovered that there was a high quality 100L reaction vessel with glass jacket which was made in Kyushu, Japan.

Was there any particular concern that you had before making a final decision to buy an AG! product?

It’s difficult to get the concept that ‘glass = fragile’ out of our minds, although we believed the quality and trustworthiness of ‘Made in Japan’.

How did you solve your hesitation?

MarkTech Company had previously sold 23 Kilo-Lab size glass reaction vessels in Korea. And Mr. Ryu explained to us that the reason why glass products can be easily cracked is due to ‘Flaw’. Glass is absolutely no problem and possesses more mechanical strength than metal if there is no flaw. In addition, we found that after our experience with glass plants and the quality MarkTech Company after service that they could be trusted, so we didn’t feel any more hesitation.

What key factor made you to decide to hire and use AG! equipment ?

We couldn’t proceed with our research without using a glass reaction vessel.

Any comment on the AG! product, after actual user experience ?

Now we're using the apparatus without any problem. By combining a close-based oil circulation constant temperature bath (manufactured by Huber Corporation, Germany), temperature control time is shortened, and precise temperature control is also achieved. Meanwhile, the experimental environment was improved by temperature control using a thermostat with closed bath. Furthermore, running costs have decreased as well, which was beyond our expectations.

Mr. Yoon-Seok Oh, Ph.D