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Industry Sector Chemicals
Area Takamatsu & Higashikagawa, Kagawa
Selected Products or Services 25m² Multi-tube heat exchanger
Purpose Chemical manufacturing
Use Condensation of vapor

Customer feedback

What did you worry about at first?

We used to use a glass-lined multi-tube heat exchanger, and it was used for condensing different kinds of corrosive gases. The tube plate part of the glass-lined multi-tube heat exchanger had stripped, thus the potential occurrence of base-metal penetration, leading to contamination of the products. Therefore, we had to look for another multi-tube heat exchanger which was made with other materials.

How did you find us?

We heard about AG! through Mr. Hagihara of Komoshita Youdan Co., Ltd, when he introduced us to your glass (the shell part is stainless steel) multi-tube heat exchanger. 

Was there any particular concern that you had before making a final decision to buy an AG! product?

It was ... the price. It was twice as expensive compared to the glass-lined condenser.

How did you solve your hesitation?

Considering both the initial investment and running costs, if the glass-lined multi-tube heat exchanger didn’t work one day, many risks such as halted plant operation, decline of production, and quality loss would occur. Therefore, we considered it was worth trying to use AG!’s product, even it was more expensive.

What key factor helped you decide to hire and use AG! equipment ?

At the time AG! had over 700 market performing such apparatus at home and abroad.

Any comment on the AG! product, after actual user experience ?

We’re using it with no problem whatsoever! We almost don’t need any maintenance, it means that our costs are soon recovered.

The chief examiner
Mr. Suzuki