Ingeniously designed glassware for Science and Industry

Group Mission / Our Vision

AG! Group Mission

Innovation, Sincerity, Progress

  • Innovation:
    We always pursue innovation in new technologies and unprecedented knowledge.
  • Sincerity:
    We serve our customers with sincerity and respect.
  • Progress:
    We will never stop but continue to advance.

Adhering to this fundamental mission, we promise our daily diligence for research and development, listen to our customer’s needs, and devote ourselves to all of our valued customers.

Our Vision

The company vision sets out the important values in our mission.
“Through development, engineering, manufacturing, and sales of AG! products and services the company’s pursuit of happiness for all of our employee in both materialistic and intellectual terms, as well as, contributing to society especially in the fields of science and industry.”

The Pursuit of Happiness

We solely believe that pursuit of happiness means pursuit of humanity;
“sincerity”, “enthusiasm”, “honesty”, “gratitude”, “decency”, etc. Our company is where we develop humanity.
Humanity grows only in those who tackle new challenges, and diligently fulfil duties day in and day out.

The AG! Brand of Service

The service we faithfully provide under the AG! brand should encompass unique and original added-values to our customers’ satisfaction, but not limited only to materialistic quality or monetary values, for example, a pleasant greeting, being respectful and polite, sensible dress-codes, etc.