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Filter Reactor, Bench-top

Blue Label

Filter Reactor, Bench-top

(1L, 2L, 3L, 5L)

Reaction + Filtration = Filter Reactor


It achieves Filtration and Reaction with the one apparatus.
The best choice for the customer who needs efficient recovery.

You can choose the standardized (Blue Label) or
custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

Nutsche Filter
Filter Reactor,Pilot-plant Fully Functional Stand

Removable Filter Housing

Leak Proof Housing Designed to Seal and Maximize Filtration Area.

Sintered filter maximizes filtration area.
AG! original gasket prevents bypass leakage around filter cloth.

Vessel Rotation Mechanism Allows for Easy Removal of Cake

360° rotation allows for easy removal and cleaning.

Maximized Heat Transfer Area and Minimized Dead Space

Full Jacket Design helps maximizing the heat transfer area while AG! designed flush valve minimizes dead space in the reactor.

Reduced Axial Deviation and Flaking

Newly designed AG! Stirrer Guide reduces axial deviation of stirrer shaft and flaking of PTFE.

Easy Scale-Up

Same Structure, Glass Cover, etc.
*3L and over vessels require larger clamp.

Impeller Options