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Filter Reactor, Bench-top

Blue Label

Filter Reactor, Bench-top

(1L, 2L, 3L, 5L)

Reaction + Filtration = Filter Reactor


It achieves Filtration and Reaction with the one apparatus.
The best choice for the customer who needs efficient recovery.

You can choose the standardized (Blue Label) or
custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

Nutsche Filter
Filter Reactor,Pilot-plant Fully Functional Stand

1 Dimroth Condenser, TS24/40, TS15/25 2 Full Jacket Glass Body, DN100 (1L, 2L) / DN150 (3L, 5L) 3 Glass Cover, DN100 (1L, 2L) / DN150 (3L, 5L),6 Ports (SQG29/42 x1, TS24/40 x4, TS29/42 x1)
4 Stopper for Additional Hole, TS24/40 5 Stopper for Hand Hole, TS29/42 6 Vent Adapter, TS15/25
7 Dropping Funnel with Stopper, Graduated, TS24/40 8 PTFE Stirrer Guide, Glass Ball Bearing, SQG29/42,Shaft OD:10mm 9 O-ring, FKM
10 PTFE Stirrer Shaft, Shaft OD: 10mm 11 Temperature Sensor Probe, OD:8mm, L:660mm 12 Temperature Probe Holder, PTFE, TS24/40,Probe OD:8mm
13 Filtration Part, PTFE, DN150 (1L, 2L) / DN200 (3L, 5L) 14 Quick Release Clamp, DN100 (1L, 2L) / DN150 (3L, 5L) 15 Quick release clamp for bottom, DN150 (1L, 2L) /DN200 (3L , 5L)
16 Metal Adapter for HTF, screw coupling, M16 17 Motor Support 18 Support Structure
19 Lab Jack 20 Tilting Clamp 21 Metal Adapter for HTF, screw coupling, M16