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Filter Reactor, Bench-top

Blue Label

Filter Reactor, Bench-top

(1L, 2L, 3L, 5L)

Reaction + Filtration = Filter Reactor


It achieves Filtration and Reaction with the one apparatus.
The best choice for the customer who needs efficient recovery.

You can choose the standardized (Blue Label) or
custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

Nutsche Filter
Filter Reactor,Pilot-plant Fully Functional Stand

Additional Options

Lift Assist Mechanism

Lower and lift the motor and/or vessel easily using one hand. This allows for easy preparation and cleaning.

Manual Stirring

Manual stirring is used to smooth and/or break apart the cake.

Flexible Bearing Coupling(HJC-10)

AG! designed flexible bearing coupling seamlessly couples the overhead stirrer and the stirrer shaft which greatly reduces shaft axial deviation even if the motor and the shaft are not fully aligned.

Advances Stir Rods

Lid Holder

Holds the lid in place while removing the vessel.

Buffer Tank

Filtrate can be easily collected by adding a buffer tank.

Vent Valve, Drain Valve

Quick and easy to drain thermal fluid.

Temperature Sensor Block

Temperature can be measured at either or both inlet and outlet.

Insulated Flexible Hose

Flexibility facilitates reactor installation in limited spaces such as draft chambers or fume hoods.
Operating Temperature : -90 ℃ ~ +250 ℃

Hose Clamp

Easy attachable to hold hoses and help reduce stress on the glass vessel.