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Nutsche Filter

Gold Label

Nutsche Filter


Non-Jacketed: Up to 300L
Double Wall; Jacketed: Up to 100L

Design Pressure
Less than 2bar G(Non-Jacketed : Up to 100L)


  1. Effective Filtration
    Maximized Filtering Efficiency
  2. Leak-proof Mounting
    Unique Filter Housing Prevents Leakage
  3. Easy Adjustment
    AG! Engineered Guided Mounting System for Ease of Use


※”Gold Label” means custom-made product.

Filter Reactor, Bench-top
Filter Reactor,Pilot-plant Fully Functional Stand

Firter Housing

Leak-proof Mounting System
High sealing performance

・Filter: PEEK, PTFE, PP
・Mesh Size: 1-5,100μm

Easy Adjustment and Centering

AG! Engineered Guided Mounting System & Convenient Handling Cart for Ease of Use.

Stirring Apparatus

Locking, multi-directional stirring devise maintains a uniform cake(up to 150mm)

Nozzle Orientation

You can arrange to suits your neeeds.


・Stirrer handle
・Feed pipe
・Spray nozzle

Customized Configuration Available!

Together  we can work to find the perfect solution to suit your application requirements.