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Quartz Burner


Quartz Burner

1. High Heat output / Efficiency
2. High Accuracy
3. No Contamination (100%Quartz)

AG! developed proprietary gas mixture for superior heat, accuracy and efficiency.


✔ Our nozzle system greatly improves the gas mixing rate and provides maximum heat efficiency and superior flame. 

✔ Stable, powerful flame is achieved through the precise mixing of gases, while optimizing gas consumption. (Japanese patent 3640071)

✔ Made of 100% Quartz, the Quartz burner does not collect unwanted contamination during use in production.

✔ Documented 3D inspection sheet is available.  

Multiple Nozzle Burner

For VAD/OVD Method


・Max. OD : 110mm
・The O₂ Nozzle is surrounded by the H₂ Nozzle
・Maximum Heat Efficiency and Superior Flame
・Excellent Mixing Rate of O₂ Gas and H₂ Gas
・Accurate Focal Distance


-Customed Shape and Nozzle Configurations Available
-Documented 3D Inspection for Accuracy

Multiple Pipe Burner 


Max. OD : 130 mm


Multiple Nozzle Burner

For MCVD Method

・Superior Flame
・Accurate Focal Distance
-Documented 3D Inspection for Accuracy

AG! Quartz Burner's Superiority

Other Quartz Instruments

Extension Rod


Precisely Straight and Measure Rod Circumference Achieving Superior Rotation



Stable Connection with Extension Rod and Seed Rod


Seed Rod


Precisely Constructed for Easy Insertion into Coupler


Muffle Tube


Main Body and Flange are accurately perpendicular