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Quartz Burner


Quartz Burner

1. High Heat output / Efficiency
2. High Accuracy
3. No Contamination (100%Quartz)

AG! developed proprietary gas mixture for superior heat, accuracy and efficiency.

Quartz Burner

Multiple Nozzle Burner for VAD/OVD method

Max. OD110mm

-Customed Shape and Nozzle Configurations Available
-Documented 3D Inspection for Accuracy

Multiple Pipe Burner

Max. OD : 130mm

SizeTube ToleranceConcentricity Tolerance
Up to φ50 OD±0.05±0.10
Up to φ80 OD±0.10±0.15
Up to φ100 OD±0.15±0.15
Over φ100 OD±0.20±0.20

Other Quartz Rod

Extension Rod

Max. OD 100mm
Max. Length4.15m
DIA. Tolerance±0.05mm
Rotation Tolerance±0.15mm


Set-in Tolerance with Extension Rod±0.05mm

Seed Rod

Max. OD120mm
Max. Length740mm
DIA. Tolerance±0.05mm
Rotation Tolerance ±0.10mm

Muffle Tube

Max. OD350mm
Max. Length3.5m
Rotation Tolerance±1.0mm