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Scale up & Scale down


AG! reaction vessels are designed to have similar shapes as those used in mass-productions.


We believe that the similarity in shape will facilitate the scale-up stage of your research.

Scale up

About Asahi 50L Triple-Walled


 AG! 50L
Triple Wall
ID: Height1:1.21:2.5
Glass Ring Baffleswith Ring Baffleswithout Ring Baffles
Jacket VolumeminimumLarge

AG! develops our reaction units with the intent of scaling-up by emulating D/H ratio of larger production vessels

D/H ratio for similar fluid dynamics and uniform mixture


Because of our re-sizing technique, D/H ratio of our reaction vessel is designed to fall in the range of 1:1 to 1:1.5, which  means:


・liquids mix more easily and quickly
・no concentration difference at the top and the bottom of the vessel


Therefore, AG! can help your reactions proceed quickly, and yield more product.

The bottom curvature similar to the production-scale reactors

We provide both 10% torispherical bottom and flanged conical dished bottom which are predominantly used with production-scale reactors.


AG! glass vessels boast a bottom curvature very similar to 10% torispherical bottom, ellipsoidal bottom, and 17% torispherical bottom, making calculation and simulation easier.


Scale down

AG! can meet the specific requirements by offering the widest selection of reaction vessels.


About the thin film evaporator


Scale-down can help you verify whether existing large-scale manufacturing equipment can be used to manufacture other products.

Or you can try to test the efficiency of production by conducting a scale-down simulation.


This not only saves on unnecessary costs, but also helps you improve the production capacity.

How can we maintain a D/H ratio similar to larger production vessels?

Our re-sizing technique

Our re-sizing technique enables small reaction vessels for experiment use to have ratios between
vessel diameter and reaction mixture depth similar to that of very large reactors for manufacturing.


AG! has developed a re-sizing technique to control the diameter and wall-thickness of glass tubes,
which gives us more freedom in responding to a wide variety of customers’ requests.

The other advantages of AG! products

Effective temperature control

・ Minimizes the amount of required HTF in the jacket by using a narrower jacket

・ Maximizes the vessel performance by using various wall thicknesses throughout different parts of the vessels


When a temperature control unit is controlling the temperature of a reaction mixture in jacketed vessels, it is in fact heating up / cooling down not only the reaction mixture, but also the jacketed vessel itself, along with the heat transfer fluid (HTF) in the jacket, the pipes/hoses, and the surrounding atmosphere.


With our re-sizing technique, we are able to fabricate reaction vessels to minimize the amount of required HTF in the jacket by using a narrower jacket, and to maximize the vessel performance by using various wall thicknesses at different parts of the vessels.


Now, our vessels are more efficient using less energy.