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Short path evaporator

Blue Label

Short Path Evaporator

60A (DN60mm), 100A (DN100mm)

For heat sensitive, high boiling point products, and high molecular weight materials!
This apparatus can provide uniform thin-film.

You can choose the standardized (Blue Label) or custom-made (Gold Label) product depending upon your needs.

What are the differences between Thin Film Evaporator and Short Path Evaporator?

Minimum Thermal Decomposition

Perfect for highly viscous, heat sensitive, high boiling point products, and high molecular weight materials

Natural compounds


Short residence time
Minimum pressure drop due to closely positioned internal condenser

High vacuum distillation

High Evaporation Efficiency

Allows easy evaporation

Uniform Rotating Wiper System

The thin film is formed by the centrifugal force for shorter residence time.

Uniformed Thin Film

Higher Evaporation Efficiency

The uniform liquid film is created on the heating surface thanks to the glass tube.

Monitor the Process Visually

The main body of the evaporator is made of Borosilicate glass 3.3.

Grease-less Valve and Joints

No Contamination
Easy Installation

Grease-less Magnetic Sealed Bearing

Consistent torque throughout entire temperature range


Easy cleaning and maintenance

Maximum Jacket Temperature

Temperature Range
Up to +230℃


Upgradable up to + 300 ℃  with changed wiper, gasket and o-rings

Easy connection to equipment

The system can be easily connected to your existing overhead stirrer, thermostat and vacuum pump.
(This model does not include overhead stirrer, thermostat and vacuum pump)

Evaporation Peformance